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Here is a short fiction of mine, I hope you enjoy it as much as I love writing it.
I receive any constructive comments, you're very welcome :)
I'll appreciate your trace of presence here and happy reading!
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Monday, 1 April 2013, 23:04
The First and Last Letter: "I have a wish you have to grant"

I let Linda sleep on my lap after she cried for about half an hour. I’ve decided to stay over and keep her in company. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I left her alone in times like this. I don’t mind not sleeping all day, as long as I can see Linda and know that she is fine. The most important thing now is that she’s right by my side.
It took a solid attempt to comfort her, I was so scared of ruining her mood even more. So I just did the same thing as I’ve always done before, I kissed her head, I kept on doing it until she actually stopped crying. Her curly black hair smells of pomegranate and honestly speaking, I wouldn’t stop kissing her head if she let me. It’s not like I look for opportunities in the most unexpected times. I just can’t deny the fact that her hair smells really good, and kissing her head is the only thing I’m most confident about. I might run out of words, but my actions always kill. I stroke her hair and lean slightly forward to see her sleeping face. She looks so peaceful. I’m glad she’s having a good sleep. I was expecting for nightmares and screams, knowing she’s got a lot to take in now.
Strange, I don’t feel sleepy at all. I had always been sleepy these last few days, all those college assessments and the big project have exhausted me. But now, sitting in Linda’s house and with her head on my lap, I’m wide-awake. I’m about to grab a tiny note on the short table in front of the couch until her eyes flutter.
I wait for her to slowly open her sleepy eyes and look at me. She rubs her eyes and when she looks up, she beams her usual smile. It looks so nice. She looks so serene, as if nothing ever happened today. I’d been waiting for this smile since this morning, now I feel so much better, like all those puncture-like pains in my chest have evaporated.
“Sorry, did I wake you up?” I asked, smiling back at her.
“I shouldn’t have slept here. Don’t you feel tired?” she gets up and fixes her tangled hair, I was going to pull her back in, tell her to sleep again. But that’s just silly.
“I’m not tired. Not at all.” I said.
She raises her eyebrow. “You’re never tired.”
“My body cells have this great storage of energy.” She’s right, I never look tired in front of her. I should have just said that she’s actually the source of my energy backup. “You feeling better now?”
She looks down and smiles weakly, I thought she was going to break down again, but she’s not. “I think we just need to move on, don’t we? Life goes on.”
She killed me. It was very stupid of me to almost think that she was very sentimental. Linda, you just can’t predict her. She’s so unpredictable that one moment she can be very emotional and the next, she turns into this very mature and courageous young girl. I nod approvingly and playfully mess with her hair. “That’s my Lindy.”
She grabs my hand and puts the black jacket in my hand. I know she’s feeling better now, but she doesn’t seem so. She’s still very quite. Well, I can understand that. “So, when will you go back to Indonesia?”
“My uncle doesn’t want me to go back.”
I’m quite surprised by that. “What? He doesn’t let you?”
“Not that he doesn’t let me. Actually my mom doesn’t.” she looks at me with the sad eyes. Again, she shows her weak smile. “I guess she thinks I won’t be able to handle it.”
“Things are going to be fine. Eventually.” that’s all the best I can say. I study her face, and she actually starts laughing lightly, though I know she’s forcing it. I can sense her tears are going to flow down her face again, I quickly touch her face and stroke her cheek.
“You’re right, I’m not coping. Even if I try.” She said, now looking down, afraid if she looked at me, her tears would flow out.
“How about I show you my biggest and craziest project, while you can show me your first class violin play?”
She doesn’t respond to my question, she just keeps looking at me. She must be baffled by my sudden and unexpected suggestion. She turns her head to where the rounded clock is. “But it’s too late.”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“We’ll disturb the neighbors.”
“I don’t think they will be distracted since your music is very soothing.” We stop talking for two seconds, until I finally decide to run back to my house and grab my project. Boy, am I so excited. That crazy project was my nemesis; I can’t believe it turns out to be my lifesaver now.
“Where are you going?” she called out when I just touch the doorknob.
“I’ll be back soon. With my awesome machine.” I said and grin cheerfully. All of a sudden I think about the night sky and all those stars above. This brilliant idea pops out in my head. I have this one fancy telescope that my grandfather once gave me on my eighth birthday. I love everything about stars and Milky Way; I suppose I can say astronomy is my other hotspot. “I’ll show you something.” I added, being hell thrilled all of a sudden.
So I rush back to my house and try not to interrupt Ariana who is probably sleeping by now. I’m planning to imitate those old warriors with soundless steps, but my skill is too lousy, I don’t even think I can sneak in without waking my sister up. Ariana can wake up even to the sound of a feather drops. She gets it from my mother, whom you could wake up from a thousand miles away. Women always hear everything. They always know everything. But my father, even if I hurled a wooden chair by his side, he would still be sound asleep. I miss my parents.
So I open the door and close it in a very, very slow motion, struggling not to make any sound. I count my every step to my room, and it’s not long until I hear my sister’s steps behind me. “Are you trying to rob the house?”
By that time I know I won’t ever succeed to fool her. I turn around, trying to act cool as hell. “Not sleeping well?”
“Wide-awake.” She said. Then she looks at me awkwardly. “What are you trying to do?”
“I’ll be out again, I just need to grab my stuffs.”
“What, you’re moving out? Don’t you…”
“C’mon, what do you think I am? I just need to stay over till tomorrow morning, and I need to cheer her up.”
Ariana’s face looks concerned. “What happened to her?”
“Her dad just passed away.” I said and look away.
“I’m so sorry to hear that.” She uttered in her most sympathetic voice. “You can stay over at her house as long as you want. I feel more in peace if you’re not around anyway. But if you dare to touch her…”
“For God’s sake, you need to sleep. You’re wandering off.” I said and shove her back slowly to her room. I go to my room and grab my machine on the desk. I throw a quick glance around my room and I feel like being trapped in a wrecked ship. I shake my head, I couldn’t careless. Even if I clean my room, it’ll be a wrecked ship all over again. So I just let it be. I go to a small closet where all of our family’s old stuffs are kept in. Well, my telescope is not an old thing, it still looks as fresh as brand new. I find no scratch on its white metallic body, I can recall how many times I’ve used it. I was just a half-baked little boy back then, I didn’t use the telescope to the very great extent. I completely forgot about this awesome equipment until today in Linda’s house. If it weren’t for cheering her up, I wouldn’t visit my closet and break it open.
Once I’m all ready to go back to Linda’s, my sister gets in my way. I cluck my tongue and sigh, “what again?”
She grins teasingly. “It’s really nice to see you like this.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, look at you, anyone who knows you and Linda would eventually notice that you like the girl so much.”
I stand still. Is it that obvious? I really don’t know what to say afterwards, so I just walk pass Ariana.
“Good luck!”
I look back at her, “hah?”
Now her face looks serious, yet gentle. She shows me her smile, not the sarcastic one, but the tender one. “I hope she notices it too, brother.”

✿ ✿ ✿

Before I arrived at Linda’s house, I stopped walking for a while and looked up at the sky. Perfect timing. I could see a thousand stars in the sky with some shining so brightly. I’m more than excited now. Before I open her unlocked door, I can hear the sound of her violin from outside. I notice the song she’s playing, it is Voi Che Sapete from the Pride and Prejudice. I know most of the songs that Linda likes and plays. Solely because I know almost anything about her. Every time she plays, I will just look at her hands and her serious face. Her face always shows the same expression when she plays; a serious face that reveals a sense of serenity and exquisiteness. When she plays, you can instantly sense her passion for music, because she shows it to you. And that can turn you crazy about music all of a sudden.
This is what I’m looking at right now. I put my machine and telescope down and just lay my back against the wall. I rest my head on the wall and watch Linda close her eyes as her hand moves the bow in the most complicated way I’ve ever seen. She looks so professional. The way she moves her hand and the way her body moves to the rhythm of her own music are holding my attention. It is so captivating. I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I feel breathless.
When she stops playing, I immediately clap my hands hell hard until they actually turn red. I don’t care. “So you played that song this morning?” I asked her.
“How was it?” she asked me while putting her violin back in the case. She looks at me and beams so brightly. That just gave me a boost. “it was great, wasn’t it?”
“you sure are very confident indeed.” I said. “I wouldn’t call it great unless you play another song just for me.”
She suddenly puts on a tiring expression. “I’m bored. And tired. Thought you wanted to show me something?”
What an excuse. But it doesn’t matter. She can play me another song tomorrow or the next. I’m so glad that she looks much better than thirty minutes ago. Now she looks untroubled and she can even show her flawless smile. I don’t mind listening to her play all day if that really makes her happy. If I can’t do it good enough, then music can. I don’t mind it at all.
I eye my telescope on the floor. “It’s so beautiful outside, would you like to go?”
She follows my gaze and her eyes widen at the sight of my telescope. “Is that yours?”
I grin proudly. “So fancy, isn’t it? It still looks brand new.”
“You never told me.”
“I forgot about it.”
“I can’t believe it.” She uttered in the most untrusting voice I’ve ever heard. “You got yourself a very costly telescope and you love astronomy. And you told me you forgot about it?”
I laugh lightly. “Sometimes my memory is not as great as yours.” I grab the heavy telescope and a question pops out in my head. “do you know anything about constellation?”
I can see her eyes shining in excitement. “You mean, mythological figures of the stars?”
“You love it.” I said and I feel excited. Seeing Linda excited makes me excited too.
“So much! But I don’t even know how to spot the shape. So you’ll beat me…”
“I’m going to teach you.” I said, and she nods approvingly. I love it when Linda is so interested in things that I love and do. She always is. That’s another quality of her, you tell her something, and she will immediately know what you’re talking about. Nothing is new to her. She knows almost anything in the whole world. And she’s never incurious about nothing.
As I’m about to heave the telescope outside, Linda calls out. “What about your machine?”
I almost forgot about it. I’m still excited to show her my new project though. “Lets just leave it for later.”


We stay outside and I look through my telescope first to find a pattern in the sky. While I’m still searching for one, I hear Linda sigh. “It really is beautiful tonight. I should stay out more often.”
I pause my search and look at Linda who’s still admiring the sky. “Not all nights have the brightest stars.”
“I don’t mind it.” she replied. “It’s just… quite, and peaceful. I like it. I really like it.”
“May be I should bring you up the hill? We can have a camp up there. Just both of us, admiring the starry sky.” I suggest playfully.
She actually thinks I’m serious and she looks enthusiastic. “Are you serious?”
I just look at her for a little while and ask her, “do you want to?”
She doesn’t answer for a moment. I actually start arranging some mental plans until Linda interrupts my thought. “Are you going to show me a pattern or not?”
“Do you actually want to go with me or not?” I asked her back. I seriously need some kind of confirmation. It’s her fault, it was just a joke and now I feel like going up the hill all of a sudden.
“I don’t mind going of course. May be someday? When we have the whole time in the world.” She said. “Now show me a pattern.”
I’m glad she answered that. At least I know that she won’t refuse if I ask her to go one time. So I look through my telescope and start searching again. I smile widely at the sight of Orion. “I spot one!”
“What is it?” Linda is literally pulling at my jacket and demanding to look through the telescope. I scoot over and give her a space in front of the telescope.
I watch her face that looks very eager. She looks just like the seventeen-year-old Linda I met three years ago. We were in the same high school back then, and you wouldn’t trust me if I said I actually didn’t know her until the final year of high school. The first time we met wasn’t in high school. I remember I was just walking around British Museum, when I saw this enthusiastic girl who kept on writing on her tiny notes while studying some of the prehistoric works. I had no idea at the time, why she caught my attention. I seriously didn’t know why. I thought it was merely because of her exotic face. It was really disturbing, because I couldn’t stop looking at her. When she noticed me, I thought she was going to look at me in the most awkward way and think that I was a stalker. But instead, she was smiling so nicely I couldn’t catch my breath for a second. From that time I know, Linda Young was a girl from my high school and she was—is captivating.
She keeps looking through my telescope until she eventually gives up. “Uh, will you tell me where the Orion is?”
I turn the telescope to the location where I spotted Orion. “Now look for three bright stars. They make up his belt. Then look for his sword. It is a triplet of faint objects dropping down to the left of his belt.” I explained to her. It’s not long until she finally spots the pattern. “I found him!”
“It is called Orion Nebula… and the middle region of Orion is where stars are forming about 1,300 light years away.” I continued. “Can you imagine him? Orion, the Hunter?”
“Yeah, it’s very beautiful.” She said softly. She looks away at me and pats me on the head. “You’re so smart, Aaron. I like you.”
I know what she means by ‘like’ just now. The first time I heard her say ‘I like you’ to me, I actually thought she had something for me. She always says ‘I like you’ when I’m being all genius. But sometimes I feel something different when she says that, I feel like she actually likes me. But I think it’s just me expecting too much.
I grin neutrally and imitate her motion, “I’m glad you’re doing fine now.”
“Thank you. I know you had a hard time trying to cheer me up.” She said, while still looking through the telescope.
“What the hell Lindy? You thought I wasn’t doing it for…”
“Stop swearing.” She looks at me with her gentle gaze. Then she says softly, “You’re a very good brother.”
This is not the first time I heard the word ‘brother’ from Linda. I can hear that word from Linda twenty-four per seven. And every time she says that, you have no idea how much I wish it could be more than that.


Another morning class. Today I’m not that lazy and restless, I’ve got everything under control. I finished the project yesterday, and anyway, Linda was very impressed by my insane work. Again, she complimented me for that. Right, I’m nuts about her attention. You’re right. If being all Einstein in front of Linda can gradually improve her impressions on me, I’ll do everything since that should be the easiest way to win her over. So what am I thinking right now?
I go to the dining room and find Ariana who’s having a bite on a toast. “Who’s turning twenty one tomorrow?”
I look at her, confused. “How would I know ‘bout your friends Ari?”
Her eyes widen and she raises her eyebrows. “What’s up with your head?”
“Still alive and well.” I answered and then quickly grabbed one toast on her plate.
She just shakes her head slightly and bites her toast, “is Linda better now?”
I remember Linda’s flawless smile. “Never better.”
“Are you sure? Does it mean she likes you?”
“C’mon Ari, go get yourself…”
“I know brother. I get it. What if I really go out there and find me a boy? You have no more defense.”
“I’ll keep on reminding you to mind your business.”
“You should shoot her already.” She starts again. “Three years of close friendship is like…”
“Ari! Mind your business.” I was about to leave, but I briefly kiss Ariana on the head.
“You never did this in high school.” She said.
“I’m being a very good younger brother and shut up.” Before I go out, I give her another brief kiss now on her cheek and strangle her. She chuckles.
When I’m just about to reach the doorstep, I can hear Ariana yells, “good luck!”
By that I know what she means. I should ask her to wish me luck everyday. I need most of the luck I can get.

I got in the class so early today I though I misread my timetable. But things were highly boring as usual. At the time I thought I was just going to drop out of college. That way I could invent my own technology, create a huge company and be the richest ass in the helluva world. I could claim myself the youngest founder, much better than that Jobs guy. But I don’t think I can make it. I have a sister who would kill me immediately if she knew I dropped out of school. And Linda would be out of reach. She wouldn’t want to be near a loser like me. And I would be like… I have no idea. I would be a hysterical hobo I guess. Or worse.
So after this morning class, I went out to look for Linda as usual. You might start wondering if I ever hung out with my male friends. Of course I hang out with them. Sometimes. One thing about being a guy is that your friends never complain. Guy would rather be quite and couldn’t careless. We have less trouble in social life. Unlike girls’ friendship. If one doesn’t talk to the other, she will be hell offended. Seriously, why would you fight with your best friend over a guy? Thinking about that gives me a pain in the ass. Sometimes I would thank God for bringing me into the world as a guy. That way I don’t feel lesbian when I look at Linda.
Anyway, I still can’t find that girl, she’s everywhere. While I’m still looking for her, I find Casey again on my way. “Hey Case!” I called out.
I feel a bit guilty when she shows that very big smile on her face. Every time I see her, I never really want to talk to her. I always look for Linda. And this is not the second, I think… I have no idea.
“Hey Aaron! What’s up?”
“uh, have you seen—“
“Linda? She’s right there.” Casey points out to her side. I can see a bunch of youngsters on the lawn. “Why are you always looking for her?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“She never asked for you, Aaron.” Casey muttered. “She never did.”
“I guess I’m addicted to Linda. And her never asking for me doesn’t mean she didn’t miss me.” I said very confidently. I know Linda wouldn’t ever ask her girl friends for me. If she wanted to see me, she would come to me. It’s just her. Casey grins lightly and shakes her head. “Alrighty, see you later Case.”
When I see Linda, she’s holding a tiny blue envelope in her hand. All other kids are holding the same envelope. I notice those kids are also from my old high school.
“Aaron! Have you got one?” asked Linda, while holding up the blue envelope.
“Should I get one?”
“It’s an invitation for the school’s reunion prom. Get it now!” she then pushes me to the girl who’s still sharing the invitations. I tentatively accept the invitation and just stare at the italic word that says “Cambridge Rindge and Latin School’s Leavers 2010 Reunion Prom.”
What a very long title. And it’s prom. Why would they hold a prom for reunion? “Isn’t it great? We get to see our old friends!” Linda said, looking hell excited.
I know why she’s so crazy about this. There is this one guy named Colin Bennett that Linda has ever had a crush on. The helluva school knew that Colin liked her too. I mean, who doesn’t like Linda? They have known each other ever since high school started. People thought they would be together and be the cutest couple in the history. He was kind of my rival, but in a good way. He always joined in the same competition as I did. And he always came second to me. But He was more popular than I was. He was very keen in doing everything—very much like Linda—and he was the head boy of our school. Not only was he good in his academic, his guitar skill was a legend. He would play his guitar in the most unexpected time, and every time he played he could rob the whole school attention. I guess that was more than enough to win Linda over. Though I wasn’t very much of an attention seeker, girls just kept chasing after me. I still have no idea why. I never tried to catch other girls’ attention, but Linda’s. Shame, my unmistakeable charisma didn’t seem to work on Linda, instead it worked on other chicks. Until now.
Anyway, Colin is now in the Ivy League Columbia University. Big deal. I was offered a spot in that Uni, but I turned it down. I love where I live right now and I don’t want to leave Cambridge. Leaving Cambridge just means leaving Linda. Linda once said ‘Collin is helplessly romantic’, I still want to puke every time I think of it.
“You’re coming, right?” Linda’s voice interrupts my thought.
“I ain’t sure.”
She starts pulling at my sleeve. “Can you come? For me?”
“Give me one good reason.” I said to her. I was going to refuse to come completely.
“For me? Isn’t that enough?” now she starts looking at me with the puppy eyes. Boy, is she very clever.
“To be honest, Lindy, I don’t want to be hunted down by those girls.”
Linda bursts out laughing and I smile. She has a good laugh. Her laugh sounds so crunchy and I love it. Everything about her is good. “That’ll be very entertaining, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure all those girls are still making a long line.”
I open the envelope and read the dress code part on the invitation. Semi-formal. Meaning I can wear my plain white t-shirt.
I ask Linda for confirmation, “Does it mean I can wear—“
“No t-shirt please.” Linda raises her hand to stop my words. “No need to wear tuxedo or anything. C’mon Aaron, it says semi-formal. You should know what it means.”
“I don’t think I’ll come then.” I said, and chuck the invitation into my jeans pocket.
Linda sighs and she puts on that disappointing face. I just keep smiling at her. “How else can I change your mind?”
“No how.” I uttered instinctively.


Damn it. I can hear something so loud from outside my room, what in the world is Ariana doing at this time? I’m pretty sure it’s still five o’clock in the morning. I can’t see the sunrise. I can still hear that freaking loud sound, I grab my pillow and hold it up against my head, trying to block out the sound. I was going to scream something out loud, tell Ariana to cut it out, but I know she would make the sound even louder.
Finally it stops. I can have a peace of mind at last. I was going to continue my sleep but someone opens the door. Ariana. What the hell is she…
Then I can hear the sound of harmonica. My eyes that were fluttering are now wide open. I toss my pillow and I can see Linda, seating on the edge of my bed. She’s playing a happy birthday song while looking at me with her smiling eyes. Is it a dream?
When she stops playing, I’m finally convinced it’s real. Nothing of this is a dream. “Happy birthday, brother!” she said, and then she hugs me so tightly that I’m the one who doesn’t want to let go.
I laugh lightly and say, “I forgot about it.”
“You always do.” She replied. She wants to let go, but I hold on to her still.
“No, stay.” I said briefly. I seriously don’t want to let go. It’s so comfy and warm. Especially the feelings inside my chest right now, I don’t want it to disappear.
She lets me hug her for longer. “You’re twenty one! You’re officially my older brother now.”
I let her go and look at her face awkwardly, “I don’t like the idea of being younger or older than you.”
“But you are older than me.” She said. “How was the song? Was it good on harmonica?”
“I’d never heard you play harmonica. But that was unique. Thanks.” I told her.
“Mm, I’m sorry for not bringing in a cake, you should see one later.” I can see her sorry face. I gave her a reassuring smile. “So can I make a wish instead?”
“You have no cake.”
“That’s my point.” I replied. “I can make a wish first, I don’t mind having no cake.”
“Your birthday.” She agrees. Instead of closing both my eyes, I just keep watching Linda. She frowns in confusion. “What?”
“I have a wish you have to grant.”
She giggles. “I thought you couldn’t force to have your wish granted?”
“This is an exception.” I said to her. “And you have no choice.”
“Fine, what is it?”
“Be my date to the prom.”